It’s taken a while for me to tell this story, but here goes for today….A couple weeks ago I just happen to run across this scene as I was driving out to meet Tiffany for a day of hiking and adventure. Little did I know that adventure was about to take place right before my eyes! Be sure to read through all the photos and watch the video to help the story unfold. You never know what is around the next bend in this beautiful National Park and today was no exception to that rule! Enjoy and hope you find this as much fun as I did!

Bachelor Stallion Ranger who had just swam across the Little Missouri River in what I witnessed as the widest and deepest I’ve ever seen it! He was full on swimming and I didn’t catch that as he was so fast, but here he is now up on the east bank looking back to see if his buddies were going to join him. Soaking wet from his swim, he seems concerned and it takes me a minute to figure out exactly what was going on!
Then I had the clear picture! There on the west bank of the river was his former Band Stallion, Georgia’s Boy, who raised Ranger once he stole his mom Whiskey years back! They always lived on the river so Ranger is very well versed in crossing it!
Then…The Heat Is On! Here comes Band Stallion Georgia’s Boy and I was shocked to see how fast and proficient he was at crossing this raging wide river…also in a full swim!
Before I knew it, GB was up on the east bank and now heading towards Ranger! He stops to smell and mark on the massive stud pile to let everyone and anyone know he’d been there!
After Georgia’s Boy and Ranger ran off to parts unknown, I panned back across the river to see these two hapless chaps, Grady and Casper, not brave enough to cross the raging river! They were not raised on the water like Ranger was…so they wait!
Upset that their buddy Ranger has now left them on the wrong side of the river, they run madly in a rush to keep eyes on him. They lost him, as did I and days later these two were still on the east side of the river with Ranger staying on the west side. Not sure if they’ve crossed yet, or not!

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