Half Moon's Band

Happy Monday Everyone!
Finally a chance to get into some of my photos from this past trip! I know many may think these horses simply appear in front of my camera for their pictures to be taken, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! This park is vast and nearly 50,000 acres of North Dakota Badlands making it often difficult to do what looks like the easiest of hikes. This day, Tiff and I set out to see Stallion Half Moon in what looked like a pretty doable hike. Ha! Not so as we soon found out! It had snowed and snowed and then it started to melt. This park is made up of Bentonite clay and once the snow starts to melt, it becomes a slippery, sloppy mess which is very difficult to negotiate! We dropped off Buck Hill this day and anyone who has done that knows how steep it is and how we were risking life and limb to do so! It’s pretty much a comedy show grabbing plants, tree branches and trying to find stable ground to not end up on your back side…which happened multiple times this day! We proceeded carefully enough to make it to the bottom but more slippery clay and numerous challenges still laid ahead. At one point when we were about half way to the Band, Stallion Half Moon came running to us until he was down wind to smell us and figure we were no threat. It was magnificent to see him advancing towards us all puffed up like the impressive stallion he is….but both of us were too slow to even begin to manage to get our cameras out to catch a shot of him. We finally managed to get to the Band and found them all content and resting in a nice warm cove. Half Moon laid down and napped for the majority of time we were with him and all was content on the prairie that day. So….hope this gives you a better understanding of how difficult it is, more often than not, to record this herd. It’s a challenge but one we are up for over and over again. Hopefully it gives new meaning and appreciation to the work we bring you each and every day. Enjoy and make it a great week!

Half Moon’s mares and babies….
What the bottom of my boots looked like caked in heavy clay with each foot feeling like it weighed 10 pounds!

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