Teton's Band

And now back to a good old fashion wild horse story….I always say you never know what you’ll find around the next corner in this beautiful National Park and you also never know who you’ll find around the next corner as in people. This day I had been out in the park early and decided to take another drive later in the afternoon. I was driving slowly looking around and came upon another car that was stopped in the road. I drove around them and gave a friendly wave when a few hundred yards further down the road, I was stopped and the same car came around me. They pulled up beside me and rolled down their window to say hi. It was a women driving and a man in the passenger seat. They saw my California license plate and asked me where I was from in Cali. As we spoke, they informed me they were LAPD detectives who flew into North Dakota to escort an alleged criminal back to California the following day. Yep, they even flashed me their badges! lol! They decided to make one day of fun since the task ahead of them was not going to be a pleasant one. They were super nice and friendly and as we were talking, Teton and his Band were in front of us and I was able to record the following and tell them all about the horses. I sure hope these two detectives are now following the page and hope their escort went with no trouble. So, there you have it…never a dull moment out in TRNP! You really never do know what is around the next corner and it is always fun and exciting visiting this park. I’ll write on the photos so be sure to click through those. Make it a great day everyone!

Stallion Teton decided it was time to breed his newest Mare, Indian Paint Brush formerly of Clinker’s Band. Her son Indy wanted to stay close to his mom but was intimidated by Teton and is shown clacking his jaw in submission in the photo above, which is a sign to Teton to not hurt him. Indy stays in the way of his mom so Teton gallops around to get closer to her.
Still determined to cover the mare and still with her son in the way, Teton advances and terrifies the young colt who is still clacking his jaw! Notice how absolutely unaffected Indian Paint Brush is?!
Teton relents and asks her one more time if this is his lucky day? I guess not! Mare TeePee and her colt now also join Indy to see what is going on.
And so it goes… Teton decides to just stand there and look like the gorgeous Stallion he is! All in the day in the life of a wild Stallion! Better luck next time!

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