Brutus's Band

This photo may look somewhat insignificant to you, but I LOVE it when I catch an entire Band in one shot! This is Stallion Brutus’ Band and he can be seen at the top of the hill leading his family to where he wanted them to go this particular day. So…not only is the Stallion’s role to protect and procreate but, often times, he too will take charge in leading the Band. We had found them this day after several days of really good tracking and process of elimination. They were deep in the trees and only visible by a ‘now you see them, now you don’t’ scenario. Not only was this area covered in deep cedar but it also included non stop washes that were extremely deep and hard to negotiate. Luckily for us they eventually came this way and we understood how the land was switching back and forth and managed to get to them. Again, it is rare that these horses simply just appear in front of our cameras and more often than not, it takes skill and great patience to get to them! So…hope you enjoy this glimpse into the day in the life of these horses running wild and free in beautiful Theodore Roosevelt National Park!


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