Brutus's Band

Somebody had an itch that needed to be scratched! lol!
It always surprises me to see how incredibly flexible these horses are when they need to be. Especially when you are a 14 year old Stallion! This is 2004 Band Stallion Brutus! He is the largest of all the Stallions in this herd and I first laid eyes on him when he was a hulking 3 year old back in 2007! He was the most beautiful deep blue and a really big boy even back then so that is how he acquired his name! Once he gained his first two mares in 2008, who were sisters Dolly and Autumn, he slimmed down tremendously and has kept in great condition ever since! He’s got a big beautiful band of ladies today and is doing really well as a Band Stallion. He may be the biggest Stallion, but he is not the strongest as it took him a long time to build his family. He’s learned a lot through the years and his family is content with his lead mare Maddie being absolutely the most loyal and loving companion he could have ever hoped for! I found a couple of other photos of him to show you how his color has changed over the years. Photo two was taken in 2014 when he was 10 years old. He still has his black points and his coat was really flea bitten gray at this time. Photo three shows him in 2009 at just 5 years old in yet another compromising position and shows how beautifully dark blue he used to be. It’s amazing how many of these incredible Stallions have aged before my eyes over the years. It’s fun to look back and I cherish each encounter with all of them through the passing years. Hope you enjoyed this look at this incredible Stallion who will live his entire life wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Stallion Brutus at 10 years old still showing his black points as well as his beautiful flea bitten gray coat.
Stallion Brutus caught in another compromising position! Look how deep blue he used to be. He was just striking!