Frontier's Band

Someone had an itch that needed to be scratched! lol!
I just love how flexible these horses are and it amazes me how they are able to go about taking care of all of their needs! This is mare Smokie who now runs with Stallion Frontier. She has an adorable filly this year named Patience and is such an incredible mom. I first met Smokie way back in 2008 when she was just a yearling herself. Her mama was the late, great ‘Gray Lady’ and Mystery had just stolen the two of them as his first conquests back then. They walked as just the three of them for some time until Mystery was able to pick up a few more ladies. Stallion Clinker then moved in and stole the two of them along with Mare Lacey. She lived a great life with Clinker and when he got too weak to hold the Band anymore, young Stallion Frontier took over and has had them ever since. All a day in the life of these magnificent horses running wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Enjoy and make it a great week everyone!