Frontier's Band

Happy Monday Everyone!
Today marks a new week so I have a new Band to tell you about… I nearly missed my opportunity to record this Band as two helicopters were flying their territory to spray for weeds and they ran them right out of the area for more than a week! With just days to spare before my fall trip ended, lone and behold they returned to an area where we were able to gain access to them. They are the the newly formed Band of Stallion Frontier who won the mares from Clinker over the past year. Clinker sustained a very serious injury in 2009 that has plagued him through the years, but despite it, he was able to gain mares and make several beautiful babies over the years. As young Frontier grew up and gained strength and skill, he ended up overtaking Clinker and won the Band.

I’ve told Frontiers story in the past but here it is again in brief form…He was orphaned at around 6 months old in his first winter when his Dam named Lignite died unexpectedly. They were from Red Face’s Band and a handful of the horses from that family got scattered that winter and never made it back to Red Face. Mare Indian Paint Brush was one of those horses along with Frontier and she took her baby brother under her wing like he was her own. They ended up being claimed by Stallion Granite’s Boy and he accepted Frontier as her colt. Lucky boy for sure!! In time, Stallion Clinker stole IPB and once again, Frontier was accepted as her foal and went along to join Clinker’s Band. Here with Clinker they settled in and lived life until the day Frontier got strong enough to overtake the family.

This particular day as we were hiking out to them, Tiffany noticed there were two dogs off leash and way off the beaten path where they didn’t belong. As they approached the Band, Frontier did not take kindly to these intruders and let it be known with enough body language to turn the owner of the dogs back around and away from the horses! It was pretty incredible to watch! He’s a small but mighty Stallion and it was neat to see him go into action and let it be known this person with his dogs was not welcome in his territory! The following 3 photos were taken when we finally reached the Band. Frontier was still on alert but settled down immediately when he realized we were no threat to him. We spent the afternoon with them and what a treat it was! I’ll spend the week telling you all about them so be sure to stay tuned for more to come real soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this first look at this elusive Band that we were lucky enough to get eyes on! Enjoy and please share far and wide to help spread the word of this magnificent herd of horses running wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Here is a look at the two foals from this year. 2018 filly Patience with her mom Smokie resting on her back and 2018 colt Cagney laying down to take a rest with his mom Lacey just to the right of him.
Here is a close up look at the babies who are absolutely adorable! <3 Both in personality and in looks!