Frontier's Band

Here are some final photos for all of you to enjoy of Frontiers Band. He really seems to be doing a great job and the mares and babies all seem very comfortable and content with him. The top photo shows Stallion Frontier standing watch while his ladies and babies go down to the wash for a drink. Notice his eyes are not concerned with me and I think he was making sure there were no more dogs out there to be concerned with.Take a moment to read through the photos for the rest of the story. Thanks everyone and hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Stallion Frontier takes up the rear as he moves his family up and out of the wash.
Such a bunch of snuggle bunnies! The bugs were bad this day so they will usually pair up like this and use one another’s bodies for comfort from the biting insects.
A boy and his parents…2018 Colt, Cagney with Mom Lacey and Dad Frontier.