Copper's Band

Today I want to share with you another fan favorite Stallion…Copper. What an incredible horse he is! Some of you may remember he suffered a near fatal injury to his leg in 2014 which resulted in him losing his entire beautiful Band. He rested and to our pleasant surprise, made a recovery enough to eventually win mares again! He now holds former Stallion Silver’s Band and it’s so heart warming to see them all at peace and so comfortable with their new leader. I adore lead Mare Daisy and she and Silver were like a little married couple so it warms my heart to see that she’s now taken to Copper. Be sure to take a look through the photos to get a closer look at all the members of this family.

Missing from the previous photo is the adorable Mare, Democracy.
I loved how at first I could only see Copper and Daisy and within seconds had the rest of them cresting the hill. From L to R…Esprit, Juniper, Copper, Daisy and Faith.


The magnificent Stallion Copper, hanging out with his new family in TRNP!