Little Sorrel's Band

Now that you all should have received your calendars, as promised, I will tell you the stories behind all the photos included in this years calendar. This photo is the cover photo and includes a shot from 2008 of Stallion Little Sorrel who held the largest family Band of 20 horses since I started recording this herd! 17 horses from that Band can be seen in this photo as the two youngest foals at that time…Sugar and Spice…. were hiding behind their mamas and Filly Cinnamon was yet to be born. You will see in this photo, horses that still run wild and free in this herd today including Tanker, Ginger, Trouble’s Girl, Little Gray, Twister, Ruby and Freckles. Can you make them out? Mare Twister is easy to pick out in this photo and she was just a young 3 year old at that time! Stallion Little Sorrel is the first horse on the left with his head down grazing. Man was he a proud and powerful Stallion who was capable of holding this many horses together for quite some time!

There were 7 foals in the Band that year and I have included photos of them, as well. How rewarding it is for me to be able to look back a decade and bring the stories of these horses to life for you! It is something I never take for granted and feel honored and blessed to continue this work year after year. Here’s looking forward to a full year of looking back at some of the greats that made such an impact on this herd! Hope you enjoy this history and thanks, as always, for your continued interest and support!

2008 Filly, Ragedy Annie…Out of Mare, Troubles Girl.
2008 Colt, Full Moon…Out of Mare, Grandma Roan.



A rumor swarmed around the Badlands this year that twins were born in this herd but in fact, they were out of two different mares even though they very much resembled one another. They were Jack and Jill with Jill being on the left and out of Mare, Freckles and Jack on the right out of Mare, Little Gray. They sure were a cute pair!                                
This adorable little 2008 Filly was named Sugar and out of Mare, Ruby. She was such a little doll baby!
Another adorable Filly, this one named Spice and out of Mare, Ginger.





And the last baby to be born into this Band that year was this cutie pie named Cinnamon. She was out of Mare, Tanker and such a little sweetheart! So, it’s safe to say Stallion Little Sorrel certainly left his mark on this herd!