Arrowhead's Band

Single File Everyone, Single File!
That seemed to be the marching order Stallion Arrowhead gave to his Band tonight as the sun set on the North Dakota Badlands. You can see him bringing up the rear as he moved his family from the flat top down to the bottom where they will hopefully tuck in for the night. The wind is howling as I get ready to call this a day and a spring snowstorm is fast approaching the area. It will last for 24 hours and then is expected to blow out of here. Prayers for all the horses and especially the 6 brand new babies that are patiently waiting for spring to actually arrive here! For all of you who may not realize it, this is Blaze’s former Band and I can’t think of a better young Stallion to have stepped in to look after his family. I remember the day Arrowhead was born back in 2010 and my heart swelled with pride tonight to see how confident and competent he is as a Band Stallion! He was taught by his daddy Embers who was an absolutely outstanding Stallion back in the day! So…as we wait for this final storm to pass, enjoy this look at a day in the life out in beautiful Theodore Roosevelt National Park and look forward to more to come!

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