Mystery's Band

It really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words! These two crack me up as I watched the dynamic unfold in front of me! Pictured is the yearling Colt out of Ember’s Girl of Mystery’s Band that we call Braveheart. He had been sleeping for quite some time so when he woke up from his nap, he thought he would do a little exploring! Sidekick’s Band was very nearby and I watched him watch the group of ladies that were also laying down resting. He slowly made his way over to them and picture one shows Mare Snip’s Gray noticing him and talking quite loudly to him with her lowered head. He did not heed her warning, however, and decided to continue advancing towards them. Well, then, she screamed at him by further lowering her head with eyes and chest directly on him. He understood that signal and very politely turned around and went back to his family! All in the day in a life out here in this incredible National Park. It NEVER gets old for me and I cherish every single encounter I have the privilege of being part of. Hope you enjoyed this look through my eyes and hope you are all having a great day. Off for more so continue to stay tuned.

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