Cocoa's Band

Very special birthday wishes are in order for this incredible young horse as he turns 3 years old today! Many of you know this, but for those of you who don’t, Tiff and I had the honor of watching this little guy be born right before our very eyes out in the wild of Theodore Roosevelt National Park! He is 2015 Warrior…Out of Mare Autumn by the late, great Stallion Cocoa. It’s a day neither of us will soon forget, that’s for sure! It is such an honor and a pleasure to have him here at our ranch training to become a therapy horse and he is doing fantastic and passing with flying colors! Not a day goes by that he doesn’t put a smile on our faces as he is the most joyful horse I have ever known. He is smart as a whip and such a great learner and a fabulous communicator always letting me know what he needs. Each and every day I do my best to honor his Dam Autumn knowing where he came from and what he was taken away from. He is so loving and well adjusted and I just can’t say enough about him. So, when the next auction comes up, be sure to not overlook the one you think is just a plain bay horse as this little man proves daily what an incredible superstar he is! Happy Birthday Warrior! 6/10/15…You are loved madly by so many!!

It was absolutely adorable watching him bounce his head up and down to break free of the amniotic sac!
Mama’s first touch to this adorable brand new colt! You can see the amniotic sac to the left of Warrior’s body.
Mom Autumn checking in with her brand new Colt as he gains enough strength to stand for the first time.
It took him a mere 10 minutes to be born and 45 minutes to stand up and walk for the first time. He gave it his all over and over until he succeeded. What a little champion he was!
And here he is today…growing up and so beautiful and strong. He fit in with everyone the first day he arrived and is loved by all the horses!
Here he is spying on the neighbors ranch and looking very much like his handsome Sire, Cocoa.


When he came to our ranch, I promised him a little colt that he could become best friends with. Never did I imagine it would turn out to be his full brother, 2016 Renegade. Warrior was removed from his natal band as a yearling and Renegade was born 5 days later so they met for the first time here at our ranch and are fast becoming best friends! Here Renegade gives his big brother a run for his money!
Just look at how handsome Warrior is! He has the face of his Dam, Autumn and the body of his magnificent Sire, Cocoa.
Warrior has one speed and that is to run everywhere he goes! And he always comes when he is called and knows his name!
Happy Birthday sweet boy! Life wouldn’t be the same without you! <3 You are loved and adored by many!