Red Face's Band

As Good As It Gets!
Sometimes, that’s what we have to settle for out here in the beautiful North Dakota Badlands. These photos are a great example of that as it is not always sunny and perfect conditions! It can be, more often than not, dark and gloomy and the horses are dirty and not always looking perfectly groomed for the shot you may want to capture of them! Many of you have asked about Stallion Red Face and photo one is a gorgeous shot I caught of him back in 2013. In recent years, he’s become tired as he is now 17 years old and one of the oldest Stallions in this herd. As seen in these photos, he is often caught sleeping while life goes on around him. He’s alert when he needs to be but does take the time to rest when it presents itself. It was extremely slippery and sloppy during my spring visit so I only hiked to Red Face one time so this….is as good as it got for that trip! I am very grateful for the gorgeous photos I’ve been able to capture of him over the years! Hope you enjoy this reality look into the day in the life of this herd of horses running wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Oh, there it is…I get an eye peek from him for just a moment!
Here he is this past April sleeping… as it usually goes with him these days….





And then back to sleep in the next moments….which is pretty much how it goes these days with him.
And lastly, here is his adorable 2017 Colt who is his mini me! You all helped name him Jack Frost as the tips of his ears froze off when he was just a brand new little boy! Fingers crossed this young colt gets to fill his daddy’s very big hooves one day so the legacy of Stallion Red Face continues to live on!