Double Band

Happy Monday Everyone!
This is the time of year I start to pull together what ends up becoming our annual calendar. We’ve suffered great loss in this herd for the past couple of years so for this year, I plan on doing a calendar titled: ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’. I have had the pleasure of being witness to so much that has gone on in this herd for so many years now. I’ve seen great triumph as well as great tragedy, but despite it all, this incredible herd continues to thrive in this beautiful home of the North Dakota Badlands. I’ve been journaling on this page since 2012 and if one were to go back and read the posts from the beginning, you would find an incredible history and story being told. Even I find myself in awe of horses whom I knew as young fillies and colts now holding the titles of Lead Mare and Band Stallions!

Todays photos include what was once known as the ‘Double Band’. It consisted of two Stallions…Red Face and Singlefoot who literally ran side by side for years, each holding their separate mares, but always together. Singlefoot’s younger brother, Satellite, got his name as he acted as the bodyguard to these two bands for years and could always be seen on the outskirts watching over them. It was really something to watch these 3 Stallions in the roles they held and most impressive as the collective two bands numbered in the 20’s in their prime!

The first photo was taken on a fall day back in 2011 when both Bands went into flight together. If you look closely, you can see Stallion Red Face in the lead and Stallion Singlefoot taking up the rear. Stallion Satellite was in position behind his brother, but just out of sight in this photo. The thundering hooves galloping across the prairie this day is something I will never forget! The speed and beauty of these two Bands in fast motion was awe inspiring, to say the least!
The second photo of these two Stallions is my favorite of them together! I took this shot in 2012 when Singlefoot was showing his first signs of slowing down. In the photo, young yearling Colt Flax was playing with his Uncle Singlefoot and as Flax got a little too frisky, Stallion Red Face stepped in to put his young son in his place. Just look how proud Singlefoot is in this photo! I am both honored and blessed to have been able to record these two magnificent Stallions throughout the years.

I’ll do my best to include as many of the horses from this herd who are sadly no longer with us, but all who played a huge part in this herd throughout the years. So, know I am working on this project and I will also be back out in the park before you know it making more memories to come. Hope you enjoyed this look back at this magnificent herd running wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. If so, be sure to share this post with all your family and friends. Thanks everyone and make it a great week!

The beautiful blue eyed Stallion Singlefoot along with the proud and mighty Stallion Red Face with young yearling colt Flax between them.
RIP dear Singlefoot, 1996-2017.