Frontier's Band

And now for more on the story of young Stallion Frontier’s Band… This is a neat family that has lived very remote under Stallion Clinker for many years in what I believe was intentional to help keep rival Stallions away since he was always plagued with an injury. Now that Frontier has managed to win the Band away from him, they still call this area home and remain off the beaten path. So, you can imagine what a treat it was to actually find them this day and be able to spend time and get a good look at everyone. If one never understood that horses make long lasting, loving friendships with one another, a day spent with them like this day would surely convince you of that. This is a tight group of Mares and they really look out for one another. It always tickles me to see the Mares who don’t have babies tending to the little ones regardless. Both foals spent time with their Aunties this day and both mama’s were completely comfortable with it! I’ll write more on each photo so be sure to scroll through and read those. Hope you enjoy this up close and personal look into a Band that is rarely seen by the public. If so, be sure to share this post far and wide for all you friends and family to see.

Here is a nice look at the two foals in this Band. In the middle is 2018 Colt, Cagney with his sister 2018 Filly Patience on the right.



Look how adorable Mare Indian Paint Brush is snuggling little Filly Patience while Mare Firefly snuggles with Smokie!


2000 Mare Lacey and lead Mare to this family band.
2011 Mare Indian Paint Brush. This girl is HUGE and I’ll tell her story again one day soon as she is lucky to be alive!









2007 Mare Firefly who was in Silver’s Band for years but once Copper stole that Band, she was taken by a couple of different Stallions and finally ended up with Frontier. She seems very happy and content in this Band.
2007 Mare Smokie and Mom to Filly, Patience. It’s so nice to see her as a mom again as it’s been years since she’s had a live foal.