Wildrye's Band

Motherly Love…
Here are a couple of sweet shots of Mare Little Gray with her adorable 2018 Colt. I just adore how loving and affectionate these mama’s are with their little ones and so blessed to catch it on film! The other two photos are of Stallion Wildrye showing him on alert so the mama’s don’t have to be. He is an incredible protector of his family and it too is a sight to behold and be able record! Hope you enjoy this look at these horses living wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Remember, your calendars and canvas will start shipping this coming Tuesday, December 11th so you should have them by the end of the week. Calendars and canvas prints are still available and can be ordered at www.etsy.com/shop/wildinnorthdakota. Thanks and make it a great weekend everyone!

Mare Little Gray and her 2018 Colt.
Stallion Wildrye on alert!
Stallion Wildrye, looking so much like his Sire Gary.