Guess what? The first round of calendars are off to the mail and on the way to you today! Yeah, hooray! We’ve been working like busy little Christmas Elves so expect them in the days a head and sure hope you enjoy them! There are 15 calendars left in stock so if you haven’t ordered yet, don’t hesitate as this is it for the year. They can be ordered at Thank you to each and everyone of you who did place orders as we will be able to help the horses again this year and couldn’t do it without support from all of you!

As for todays photos, they include 3 Bachelor Stallions that you will most times find hanging out together. They are Gunner, Flash and Maverick and all three are healthy and thriving wild and free out in Theodore Roosevelt National Park! The Bachelor Herd has hoovered around a dozen horses, give or take, for the past handful of years. They play a vital part in taking in any other young boys who are booted from their natal bands usually around age 2. The older bachelors take these young boys under their wings and continue to teach and show them the way so the Bachelor Band becomes a vital part in herd dynamics within a wild herd.

The top photo is of 2014 Stallion, Gunner. Out of Mare Papoose x Stallion Mystery. This guy was so itty bitty when he was born and he was just a little pip squeak when standing next to his grand Sire Mystery! He’s grown into a beautiful young Stallion and represents the future of this herd! 

2014 Stallion, Flash. Out of Mare Domino x Stallion Blaze. He too was a tiny young colt and just look at him today! I love his blaze and often times find myself calling him T-Bone because of it. lol! He’s matured nicely and he too is the future of this herd!
2014 Stallion, Maverick. Out of Mare Lightning x Stallion Satellite. He adored his daddy growing up and I’ve had the pleasure of watching them cross paths now that Maverick is running as a Bachelor. It is always a quiet greeting between them and warms my heart to see them reunite. No doubt they are fully aware of who one another is! He is the strongest of these three and usually does most of the leading. He is a very strong representative of this herd and it will be fun to watch him in the years to come!













Hope you enjoyed this look at these incredibly special horses and stay tuned to receiving your calendars and canvas real soon!