Great news to report as we have shipped every calendar and canvas order and they are all on their way to you! How exciting is that?! I know we are relieved to get them in the mail and on their way so be sure to watch your mail boxes closely in the coming days! Huge thanks to all of you as we will once again be able to support the horses this coming year! We did sell out of every calendar so have decided to extend the order period through the end of this month. Just know I do not have them in stock so they will have to be printed and shipped but we will again turn them around to you as soon as we can. Custom canvas can also still be ordered along with the calendars at Thanks so much for your continued interest and support and we sure hope you like what we’ve created this year!
As for this photo, it is of the incredibly beautiful 2013 Stallion Guardian. He had a few Mares last year but ended up losing them back to Stallion Half Moon. He walks as a Bachelor today but something tells me he will once again have Mares before we know it! We’ll keep our eye on this guy and let you know how he’s doing in the weeks and months to come. Make it a great weekend everyone and thanks again for caring so much about this magnificent herd running wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!