This week starts with a greeting from the magnificent Stallion, Wind Canyon. He will turn 20 with the turn of the New Year and is currently the oldest Stallion in the park. He lost his Mares a few years back which has worked to his advantage keeping him healthy and strong as he ages. He, like so many in this herd, has the kindest eyes imaginable and is such a great Stallion all around. We wish him all the best as he enters his 20th winter in the North Dakota Badlands!
On another note, all canvas and calendars have been shipped and are on their way to you! Most of the final orders are scheduled to arrive today which puts us a full week a head of the Christmas holiday! For those of you who have received your calendars, let others know why they too should place an order. 100% of all proceeds go directly back to helping this herd so it is a win win for everyone! There are currently only 14 calendars left in stock so if you still want one, don’t hesitate as we will not re-order at this point and when these are gone, the sale will be over. Calendars and custom made canvas prints can be ordered at Huge thanks to all of you for your continued interest and support of this herd running wild and free in TRNP! Please be sure to share this post and tag any family or friends that may be interested in a calendar of canvas print! Make it a great week everyone!